Unfortunately, due to the corona crisis, the BVA Masters could not take place this year. To ease the pain, the BVA-International board has decided to offer their members, in collaboration with Ornitho-Genetics VZW, a free webinar on Sunday 12 September.

In this webinar, Dirk Van den Abeele will explain the different phenotypes created by combinations of blue1 and blue2 in Agapornis fischeri and Agapornis personatus.

We start on Sunday September 12 at 10 am CET with the Dutch edition and in the afternoon at 1 pm CET with an English edition.

Members of BVA International can register via https://www.ogvzw.org/free-webinar/

Those who have registered will receive an email with a link one day in advance. With this link, you can log in via Google Meet. You will first enter a portal where you enter your name and then the moderator will grant you access. Micro and camera are required. That way, you can also ask questions after the webinar. The webinar will last approximately one hour. The number of participants is limited.