Dear BVA friends,

This year is the 30 year anniversary of BVA and this must be celebrated, especially after the two years lost because of Covid!

Because at this point nearly everyone uses the Internet, we have decided to put our BVA magazine online. From now on all BVA magazines (Dutch & English) which have been published since 2012 will be available online for all our members, and also for the members of our sister organizations.

The only thing you need to do is log on to our website:

After you have logged on with your personal BVA number and password you can have a look through the online magazines (BVA MAGAZINES ONLINE). No worries if you have forgotten your password. Just fill out your BVA number as the user name and then click on Forgot password.

If you are searching for a certain description of a mutation, you can look up in our archive in which magazine the article first appeared:

In the months February, April, June, August, October and December a new magazine will be added.

Note: Only members who have paid their membership will be able to see those magazines in the private section!


New members who join from now on will immediately also have a subscription for 2023 and will get the paper version of our magazine as a bonus during the current year.

From next year on only a digital version will be available for all our members.

The advantage is that you will now have 10 years’ worth of BVA articles at your disposal on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Isn’t that convenient 🙂