Standards Genus Agapornis

These standard rules have been updated since 2015 by the technical committees of AOB, BVA International, Parkietensocieteit Nederland and KBOF. 
Last update: 31/12/2021

Terminology   version 2.0
Agapornis canus   version 3.2
Agapornis taranta   version 3.4
Agapornis pullarius   version 3.2
Agapornis personatus   version 3.7
Agapornis fischeri I   version 3.8
Agapornis fischeri II   version 3.8
Agapornis nigrigenis   version 3.6
Agapornis lilianae   version 3.7
Agapornis roseicollis   version 4.3
Agapornis roseicollis II   version 4.3
Download here the BVA-International nomenclature

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