Join the BVA International's global network of affiliated clubs and societies! Our contagious passion for Lovebirds is spreading thick and fast and we now have affiliated clubs and societies across the world.

Asociación Española de Criadores de Agapornis (A.E.C.A) 
BVA Portugal
Agapornis Club Greece (A.C.G) 
BKSA: Bird Keepers society Agapornis of India (B.K.S.A)
The African Lovebird Society of Australia (A.L.B.S)
Association Ornithologique Marocaine des Oiseaux (AOMO)
Association des Éleveurs et Passionnés d'Agapornis (AEPAF)
China Lovebird Association (CLA)
Asociacion Ornitologica Colombiana de Psitacidos (AOCP)
Agapornis Club of Pakistan (ACP) 

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